Endowment Opportunities

The Big Spring Area Community Foundation was created to help you realize your philanthropic goal and make a positive impact on your community. Once you decide on the cause that is important to you or your family, the Foundation can help you customize a fund to accomplish your goals. Your gift can include cash, securities, land, mineral interests, insurance policies, almost any type asset can be used to establish or grow the fund.

Once the fund is established, we handle the administration. You benefit from the tax deduction and efficiencies of joint administration, and share in investment and audit expenses. Giving opportunities have never been so easy!

Any of the Trustees can visit with you and help design a fund that meets your goals. Give any of them a call when you would like to talk about achieving your philanthropic goals.

Types of Funds

Donor Designated Gift

The Donor designates the recipient of the income to be distributed by the Foundation. The recipient can be modified by the Donor from time to time by written directive delivered to the Foundation.


Donor Advised Gift

Annually, the Donor suggests the distribution of the fund assets. The Donor’s last direction controls if no subsequent directive is filed. Directive must be in writing, signed by the donor, and delivered to the Foundation. The Foundation has full authority to determine the eventual recipient of the distribution to insure compliance with IRS guidelines.


Field of Interest Gift

Donor designates a field of interest where grants are to be made, but grants are not limited to one or more specific organizations or efforts. Any eligible recipient that provides services in the Donor’s field of interest can receive grants that are restricted to use in that field of interest.


Scholarship Fund

The Donor designates the selection process for the recipient of a scholarship awarded each year in the name of the particular scholarship fund.


Agency specific Endowment

An endowed fund created specifically to benefit a particular charitable agency, and seeking gifts from a large number of agency supporters. Particularly attractive to agencies that do not have their own private endowment fund.


Discretionary Endowment Fund

An endowed fund with the income distributed in the discretion of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. All contributions not designated for a specific fund are allocated to the Discretionary Endowment Fund.

This fund allows the Board of Trustees the most flexibility to address the current needs and issues in the community.


Endowed funds are intended to be perpetual and allow distribution of income only.